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Interspeech 2018 flyer


1.1 Models of speech production
1.2 Physiology and neurophysiology of speech production
1.3 Coarticulation
1.4 Models of speech perception
1.5 Physiology and neurophysiology of speech perception
1.6 Acoustic and articulatory cues in speech perception
1.7 Interaction speech production-speech perception
1.8 Multimodal speech perception
1.9 Cognition and brain studies on speech
1.10 Code switching and multilingual studies
1.11 L1 acquisition
1.12 Bilingual and L2 acquisition and processing
1.13 Speech and voice disorders
1.14 Hearing disorders
1.15 Singing voice: production and perception
1.16 Speech and other biosignals
1.17 Adverse listening conditions
1.18 Other topics in Speech Perception, Production and Acquisition